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Custom DNA nanostructures


You bring the vision -

Whether you already have an exact shape in mind, or are interested in how to best implement a novel functionality in your system, our team will help you make your vision reality. We discuss the specifications of the project, such as the physical environment, chemical modifications or dynamic behavior, and devise a custom design that utilizes the full capabilities of our technology.



- We supply everything else

We develop DNA sequences that will self-assemble into the desired shape based on the project specifications. We leverage our extensive experience and expertise with DNA nanotechnology in order to design sequences that maximize structure quality and assembly yields. By modifying this DNA code, we can quickly generate new prototypes.

The final product

Based on our know-how from many successful projects, we optimize the assembly of your nanostructure. Using transmission electron microscopy, we inspect individual nanostructures and confirm correct assembly. You receive ready-to-use structures, in the formulation that best works for your application.