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tilibit nanosystems offers services for DNA origami nanostructures

I am interested in DNA origami nanostructures

We can help you with all steps of your DNA origami project. We offer prefabricated structures and custom designs, as well as assembly, purification, quality control and direct imaging of DNA origami nanostructures.

I am interested in scaffold DNA 

3 different lengths of single-stranded scaffold DNA for DNA origami applications: 7249 (M13mp18), 7560, and 8064 bases. Folding kits containing scaffold DNA, folding buffer, and gel loading dye simplify experiments.


Our materials are also available globally through Eurofins Genomics:

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I have a question about DNA origami

Every project is different. We develop custom solutions. Please contact us and we will assess how we can help with your project, free of charge.