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Folding kit basic, type p7249 (M13mp18)

Folding kit basic, type p7249 (M13mp18)

Folding kit basic, type p7249 (M13mp18)


This convenient kit contains materials for preparing DNA origami self-assembly reactions. It also includes a custom gel loading dye for analyzing reaction products using agarose gel electrophoresis. Ultrapure water and staple DNA strands are not included.

The gel loading dye is a customized formulation that does not contain EDTA, SDS, or glycerol and supports straight bands in agarose gel electrophoresis.

500 μl 100 nM single-stranded scaffold DNA, length 7249 bases (M13mp18)
500 μl tilibit 10x folding buffer XM
500 μl 200 mM MgCl2 stock solution
1000 μl tilibit 6x gel loading dye

The kit is sufficient for 25 'standard' (20 nM, 100 µl) DNA origami folding reactions.

Gel loading dye: use in 6-fold effective dilution.

Exemplary references:

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Detailed usage recipes:

Castro CE, et al: “A primer to scaffolded DNA origami” — Nature Methods. 2011 Mar; 8(3):221-9