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Purification - Filter

Purification - Filter



This purification method can be used to:

  • Remove excess staple strands
  • Exchange the solution buffer
  • Increase the concentration of the folded structure


Purification via a molecular cut-off membrane is a versatile method not only for the efficient purification of DNA-origami objects from excess staple strands but also for the fast and effective exchange of the buffer solution. Low molecular weight staple strands pass the filter membrane whereas high molecular weight objects such as folded DNA origami nanostructures are trapped behind the filter membrane. Less than 1% of initial excess staple strands remain after the purification. Purification yield depends on the specific structure design, the used cation concentration and the initial amount of structures.

Default conditions are 20 nM final structure concentration, dissolved in tilibit 1x folding buffer containing 5 mM MgCl2. We offer a guaranteed yield of 70% for prefabricated designs under default conditions. Final solution buffer and structure concentration may be adjusted for the desired purpose. Please contact us if you are interested in custom sample conditions.


Guaranteed yield: 70%

Final structure concentration: 20 nM

Final solution buffer

  • 5 mM TRIS-BASE
  • 1 mM EDTA
  • 5 mM NaCl
  • 5 mM MgCl2

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